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Welcome to the website for “Simone Weil” GRAMMAR SCHOOL

Liceo “Simone Weil” has had thirty years of experience in the education field. It was founded in 1978 and it has 3 different types of studies over a five-year period:

  • Classical Studies offer specific subjects such as Latin and ancient Greek and also include five years of English with a strong emphasis on Mathematics and with the option of studying History of Art or Physics from the first year onwards
  • Language Studies include three modern foreign languages with a strong emphasis on a historic and scientific education
  • Art Studies include specialisations in painting and architecture

    We pride ourselves on providing a truly all-round education, building students for future life. Our guiding principles are academic excellence and personal fulfilment within a forward looking and disciplined environment.


“Liceo Simone Weil” is situated near the historical centre of Treviglio which is a small town in Lombardy with about 27,000 inhabitants but it is a strategic point between MILAN and BERGAMO (about 20 mins by train). You can easily reach other cities or towns like Venice, Verona, Padua, Mantua just to mention a few, because it is situated along the railway lines between Milan and Venice, Milan/Linate and Milan/Orio al Serio Airports arejust 20 km far from here. See MAP.


  • High quality teaching and expectations of students and the encouragement of academic excellence.
  • A teaching staff committed to the achievement and progress of students.
  • Strong links with parents and the community.
  • An effective and highly regarded system of student monitoring and support.
  • An award-winning programme of extra curricular activities beyond the classroom.
  • A clear code of conduct.
  • A friendly, purposeful, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Extra provision for gifted and talented students.


The qualifications obtained are valid for entry to any faculty at university.The teaching methods are enriched by study and educational experiences in connection with the local community

The POF (the educational programme) and the regulations of the school provide a wide view of the teaching activities and of the educational philosophy at the base of the programme.

The school has a wide range of subjects together with modern languages such as English, French and German and the pupils also have the opportunity of working with mother tongue teachers. There are also computer facilities and a language laboratory at disposal. Students are provided with the opportunity of consulting a tutor or psychologist for study guidance and psychological support if needed. The students also have the benefit of direct access to information about higher education and can visit the universities or colleges.

The school atmosphere is one of study and encouragement and the students are encouraged to enrich not only their general knowledge but also their studies and culture all of which they may need during their lives.

Drama and diction lessons are provided with an impressive performance given by the students at the end of the year. Sports in general are encouraged and there are courses of other modern languages such as Japanese and Spanish. The younger students have the opportunity to learn about road safety and to take the exam to obtain a scooter licence.

The school is certified ISO 9001: 2000.The certification of quality was confirmed in 2007 following aninspection on 18th December, 2006.


Our school with its three different kinds of studies is able to actively participate in the cultural proposals of its district, presenting itself as one of the centres involved in the cultural and pedagogical preparation.

Apart from the recent participation in the PLIS project of Geradadda and together with the other schools in the page offered by the local newspaper “Popolo Cattolico” (WEILART ) this grammar school has taken part in other experiences:

  • The school was involved in the preparation of the historic-environmental report for the PLIS constitution of Geradadda
  • A significant consolidation of expressiveness with annual art exhibitions also published in abook
  • Cultural exchanges with the rest of the European countries.Relations are strongly kept up with the local foreign towns.We have already completed exchanges of classes to the UK, Austria, Greece and Sweden.
  • The art section has made a strong contribution with the carrying out of decorative art works in Treviglio Hospital and the Old People’s Home